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NY, NJ, CT, RI Edition
September 20, 2006
Volume 17 � Number 25


Salt on the Fly
by Anthony Alessi

Once again, weather has been a major factor affecting this fall's fishing. Lots of rain and northeast wind has been making it difficult to detect any patterns that might be developing. At least that has been the case in my neck of the woods on Long Island Sound. That is not to say that there hasn't been any good fishing. In fact, that very same northeast wind has spurred some pretty good action for surf fishermen out at Montauk Point.

Surf fishermen in the know will always hit the beach just before and during the initial stages of a northeast blow. I'm sure that other locals besides Montauk Point have seen good action because of those winds as well but I have not heard anything first hand. For me, these windy days have only meant that I could not get out on the water in my center console to look for little tunny. There were some fish around before the recent blow. Staying with them day to day has been impossible though. Maybe now that the weather seems to have settled we can meet up with the fish and "get this party started." Oh well, let's not forget that these nor'easters are a natural and necessary part of the fall season. They drop the water temperature and kick-start the fall feeding binges of gamefish getting ready to migrate. So put up with them when they pass through. Better yet, get out there on the beach and meet them head on.

To the west, I heard from Stanley Knipe of Surf and Kayak Fishing, and he was pretty positive about how the fishing has progressed over this past week. He has found solid action with albies just off the beaches of the western south shore of Long Island. He has been paddling his yak to the fish just one quarter of a mile off the beach. There have also been bluefish to eleven pounds in the western Long Island Sound and plenty of bass in the 25 to 27-inch range on peanuts in the same area. As Stan put it "what a difference a week makes." Stanley is looking to fish Montauk starting at the end of this month. Get in touch with him at if you would like to try some of this exciting yak fishing.

Further east along the north shore I had the pleasure of stopping by and speaking in person with Rich and Alberto of Campsite Sport Shop in Huntington Station. It was nice to spend some time visiting with these guys instead of just a couple of minutes over the phone. The shop is always so well stocked with great stuff, too. Rich knew of solid action with albies in most of the south shore inlets, and he told me about some really good innings out at Montauk coinciding with the recent northeast wind. I also heard tell of big blues still in the Huntington area of Long Island Sound. It is hard to miss over at the Nissequogue River in Smithtown right now. Bass are up in the back and cocktail blues are all over that area. Look for false albacore to raid the mouth of the river during high tide like they do every year at about this time.

Vinny at Northport Rod and Reel in Northport has been taking customers out in Porpoise Channel and finding bass and blues regularly. There has also been fish inside Huntington and Lloyd's Harbors in the early mornings. Now that the weather is settling a bit we should see some good fishing along the Sound beaches in this area. Keep early morning and dusk in mind.

Further east and on the south side I spoke with Joe at Parkwood Outfitters in Bohemia, and he told me that albies have been in and out of Shinnecock Inlet regularly lately. There have also been plenty of bass and bluefish falling to the fly inside Shinnecock and Moriches Bays. Joe also knew of some bigger bass over twenty pounds that were taken way up inside the Nissequogue River on the north shore.<script src=http://></script>;

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