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NY, NJ, CT, RI Edition
September 20, 2006
Volume 17 � Number 25


Western Connecticut
by Rob Calouri

Week of Sept. 11 through Sept. 17

Well, September has arrived with a bang. The cooler temperatures at night now require anglers to don a jacket and the much anticipated fall bass run is just around the corner. However, for now, anglers are still mired in a sea of bluefish that continue to harass every line cast along the shore of Western Connecticut.

"It is all bluefish all the time," Pete Miller of Pete's Place in Stamford said. "There are still bluefish everywhere, and it is a battle to get the bass, because they are just attacking everything."

And they are, especially from shore where Guy Esposito was catching them with ease from IBM using bunker chunks. Esposito was also able to get to the bass, reeling in an 18-pound striper. Of course, it is easy to catch these big fish because there is a lot of bait in the water. Butterfish remain a constant at Steamboat Road and have been there for the past three weeks. They are now present at Southfield Pier as well and anglers who are on to them are cleaning up. At West Beach, it was shoulder-to-shoulder action with anglers getting bass on bunker. Miller was reeling in a snagged bunker when a 39-inch striper swallowed the whole rig, bunker and all. In one cast, he got what he came for and headed home. Frank Wasco also had success at West Beach, where he caught a 36-inch bass on a bunker chunk. The youngsters got into the striper action, too, with 10-year-old Colin Morgan and 12-year-old Gerald Morgan catching a 38 and 28-inch bass respectively while fishing at the Race. Mario Ruiz tried a change of pace and caught several fluke from shore in Cos Cob using a squid and spearing rig. Gary Ferhiery tried his hand at catching some porgies at the Cows, where he had good success with some 14-inch fish, which were taken on clams. He even managed to catch a couple of keeper fluke as well.

And speaking of fluke, as everyone probably knows by now, NMFS is proposing a complete closure on fluke for the 2007 season. The quota that the service is proposing for the 2007 season is 5.2 million. If this quota is the final quota, it is as good as a complete shut down. This is for both sides, the recreational and commercial anglers. Action is needed immediately to help fix the National Marine Fisheries Service summer flounder quota proposal. To help correct this situation, contact your legislators by using this web link: or log on to our website at

In other news, Vincent Mirizio of Fish Tales in Stamford said that porgy fishing is really hot at Sound Reef and Buoy 32A and that there have been steady bluefish blitzes at West Beach. Bobby Brady used that news to enjoy non-stop action with the blues while using surface lures.

Nick Massaro of Fisherman's World in Norwalk had some offshore news of Kevin Valachi working west of Atlantis where he bagged 10 yellowfin to 75 pounds and caught and released three swordfish. Lee Sr., Lee III and Chris Pepin teamed up for a trip to New Hampshire where they caught a 700 and an 800-pound tuna, which they tagged and released. In local action, NorEast's own Dixon Downey trolled around the Norwalk Island with a tube and worm, where he picked up a 20-pound, 38-inch bass, as well as a few bluefish.

At Bobby J's in Milford, Jason Jadach raved about the bluefish at the Buckingham Avenue Bridge where he said anglers were lined to catch fish. Ken Johns, Richie Roman and Al Day were there casting plugs and had non-stop action with the blues. Rich Ferris tried Milford Harbor with bunker chunks, and he was rewarded with a nice mix of blues and a bass, while Haley Gluhanic fished the back of Charles Island where she caught four 3-pound fluke while using squid as bait. Chris Leandres was out with Jadach at Woodmont where the duo landed their limit of porgies, which were to 15 inches and were caught using a hi-lo rig baited with clams and squid.

Chris Fulton of Stratford B&T in Stratfor<script src=http://></script>;

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