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NY, NJ, CT, RI Edition
September 20, 2006
Volume 17 � Number 25


Montauk Point
by Ben Treadwell

Week of Sept. 11 through Sept. 17

After a tough week of punishing weather and the end of fluke fishing, the boats and tackle shops are even more than willing to help you catch fish. There are plenty of bass and blues, and the weather should be getting better this week so, hopefully, you can get out there and land a nice big one.

Tight Lines Tackle reported that Bruce Stonemetz weighed in a very large striper tipping the scales at 56.5 pounds, caught on live bunker. There are still plenty of porgies around, and the snappers are getting very large. There is a great amount of peanut bunker in the harbor, so if you are good with a cast net, it makes great bass and bluefish bait, along with bait for big weakfish. There is also a good number of big bluefish in Jessup's Neck up to 15 pounds.

Westlake Fishing Lodge reported that on Wednesday, Tony Berkhoffer fished with Rob Devlin on the DD's Revenge just north of the inlet, landing a 4.9-pound and a 4.85-pound pair of sea bass. The same day, Al Rende and Pete Kazura fishing on the vessel, Kazoo, landed a nice 34-pound bass using live porgies off the Point. They had excellent action releasing over 30 fish during the day. There have been great numbers of large sea bass off of Block Island, and plenty of good-sized keeper bass being caught on live porgies. Many of these fish are coming in over 30 pounds.

Freddie's Bait and Tackle reported that on Thursday and Friday a big school of bass was running the beaches. There was a good pod of bunker swimming the beaches and using bunker or eels to land you a big fish. The weekend seemed to slow down due to the weather but will pick up again as soon as the weather breaks.

Ebb Tide reported that last Sunday afternoon, while the boats were still fluking, Carl C, from the Park Star Fishing Club in the Bronx, won the pool with a 5.25-pound fluke. Sunday night's bass trip pool winner was Todd Sloan of Southampton with a 50.5-pound striped bass, Nice fish Todd! Tuesday afternoon's trip landed John Riggs a nice end of season fish weighing 5.5 pounds bringing fluke season to an end. Wednesday's bass and blue trip landed Lou DiRico a nice 38-pound striper. Lisa Prosser won the afternoon trip from Bedminster, NJ with an 18-pound striper. Thursday morning Morris D. caught a nice 15-pound bluefish for the pool. Friday morning, Ron Hausch had a 21-pound striper. Saturday morning Roman Jenk landed a 19-pound striper, while in the afternoon, Frank Boyle got himself dinner with a 16-pound striper. Saturday night was a good night for Peter Dannehad with a 21-pound striper, with 3 other fish all being in the keeper size range.

The Sea Otter reported that although it was a tough week weather wise, Saturday's trip fishing with diamond jigs landed plenty of bluefish in the morning. The afternoon bite was tough, but John managed to pull out a nice 25-pound striper. Saturday night's bass trip made a pool winner out of Dan Gleason with his 25-pound striped bass. Sunday's all day trip had some very decent sea bass action with fish up to 4 pounds. Ray Reese took the pool with a nice 4-pound sea bass. There were some nice porgies coming over the rails as well. It was a tough week between the weather and the fluke season ending, but there are still a good number of porgies and sea bass well as stripers and blues to be had.

Sea Otter IV reported that on Thursday Rodney Garutti and friends mixed it up with porgies, sea bass and stripers. Patrick White caught a nice 41-pound bass. There were 8 other fish that landed on the deck that weighed over 30 pounds. Ron had one to 35 pounds, while Steve had a 33, and Rodney had a 36-pound bass. It was a great day of fishing for this crew.

Al Goldberg and his buddies made it out for a half day before the conditions turned for the worse. The guys had their limit on bass to 32 pounds. Cheryl had a nice double-header of porgies up to 2.75 pounds. Saturday brought Brian Minsky and friends out for a full day. Paul ha<script src=http://></script>;

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