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NY, NJ, CT, RI Edition
May 06, 2009
Volume 20 � Number 5


Salt Lines
by Steve Byrne

The following discussions were taken from our website. Bass and bluefish have moved into our waters and everyone knows that fresh bunker is your ticket to the show. Our first topic is about bunker nets - sizes, brands, and learning to throw. For you surfcasters out there, our

second topic is loaded with good info about bucktails and trailers. You can find these and hundreds more new discussions daily at .

Bunker Nets

Anyone have a preferred size they like? I'm looking for a 10' or 8' net with 1-1/4 mesh. If anyone knows any sites to look for them it would be appreciated.


Fi tec or betts are the best, then work your way down from there.


Do a search on this site. We have been around that mulberry bush at least 1/2 dozen times in the past few years.


Bought a Cracker 10' 1 1/2 fast sinker for $150 and love it. Made great, a division of Calusa. Use it for peanuts as well as the big boys. Got the fast sinker for the 10' depths of Moriches. If it's shallower I just retrieve it quicker. My 3rd season with it, just make sure you clean it after every trip. BTW, opens up wide on every throw.


OK - how about a little info on the various ways of throwing them out into that elusive circle!


Check out YouTube, more castnet videos on there than you could ever want!!! Many different ways to throw the net - check it out!!


Bucktails and Trailers

I am going fishing on Friday and will probably be throwing some bucktails. I have some white split tail pork rinds. Are these good or should I have something else? Also, can you use a strip of squid or a sandworm in the same way? Does anyone use something like curly tail soft plastic grubs as trailers? Also, what is the best way to fish a bucktail for bass? I just started using bucktails last year and only caught some bluefish with them.


Split tail pork rinds have always worked for me. I try to bring them back to shore as slowly as I can, without touching the bottom too often. Keep it moving with that tail waving around, and if there are fish there, you'll usually find out fast.


"Ultimate Guide to Fishing with Bucktails" by William A. Muller.

Pick this book up it is extremely informative and insightful. You will not be disappointed.


I typically use red over white; I personally don't think that the split in the tail matters as I have had a lot of luck with the longer unsplit tails. I have also had luck with 6" curly tails on a bucktail.

As far as the best way to fish it, slow and steady wins the race and is the easiest way to catch fish on them. Try to match the weight of your bucktail so that it does not constantly scrape the bottom.

Also I agree with Stoneguy77, pick up a copy of The Ultimate Guide to Fishing with Bucktails by William A. Muller. It is a really informative book about everything to do with bucktailing and it will help you to learn new techniques other than the slow and steady. Good Luck!!


I think Gulp baits like the shrimp and mullet varieties are better than pork rinds. These new baits are like crack to all fish. I will be fishing them much harder than pork rinds this season.


It's all good so don't jump down my throat... but I'm a #70 rind guy. I don't care too much for the split rinds as they tend to wrap themselves around my hook too many times. Pork rind already provides enough motion (wiggle) without having to split the tail, and if you want to, you always can with a razor. I do occasionally trim the #70's to match the size of the buck, but don't get too carried away with it as I have found, despite what others write about it usually doesn't make<script src=http://></script>;

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