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NY, NJ, CT, RI Edition
March 10, 2009
Volume 20 � Number 3

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Tackle Buyer's Guide: Why Not Buy Yourself a Present this Season?
by Chris Grech

The beautiful and effective Lucanus jig in orange.

Shimano's Lucanus Jig System

One Of The Best Gets Even Better

Shimano's Lucanus Jig System continues to take the angling world by storm. They have been catching everything from fluke and striped bass inshore to sea bass and cod offshore. These jigs mimic the look and movement of squid, which we all know are one of the most effective and universal baits in the ocean. Everything will eat this jig if given the opportunity. The aerodynamic head design enables the Lucanus jig to quickly sink to the bottom and also aids to stabilize the retrieve. Another great feature is that they boast a duel eyelet design. This allows the angler to tie a line with a sinker to the bottom eyelet for fast current conditions. This is priceless when the drift for fluke speeds up or when targeting deep-water species like cod, hake and pollack.

The most recent news is that a new pink/white color is now available from Lucanus, which has always been one of my longtime favorite go-to colors. A total of seven color patterns are available which include pink/white, blue/silver, chartreuse/white, green/gold, black/gold, orange/white and purple/red. Each color can be purchased in a variety of different weights including 2oz, 3oz, 3.5oz, 5.25oz and 7oz for a total of 35 size and color combinations. If you need a little guidance in selecting the weight of your Lucanus jigs, it's always beneficial to go lighter than you usually would. The shape of these jigs cut down drag in the water and you can always add some weight via an additional sinker with the duel eyelet design. Also, with the mind-boggling variety of braided lines available for every fishing situation, there's no reason not to be using braided line with these jigs which will also allow you to fish much lighter and have more fun.

The Lucanus jigs are made to handle abuse with their durable silicon skirt and trailers that wobble and vibrate during retrieves and drops for increased action. They also feature a glow eye for that extra edge when working deep water. The best technique for using these jigs is to basically work them slow. Start by dropping the jig to the bottom then start cranking the reel very slowly. Move the jig through the desired water column then reel up and repeat. Instead of setting the hook when you feel the first bite, keep reeling and lift the rod tightly until the fish hooks itself. A mono leader and the included multiple Owner hooks will help you out there. The key here is to work the jig slow and a conventional reel with a 5.0:1 gear ratio, or less, is ideal. Shimano also offers additional products to improve your catch with these jigs. As part of their exclusive Lucanus Jig System, they offer a new Calcutta TE 400LJV reel and a new line of Tescata Rods featuring 4 conventional and 3 spinning models. Some other products available include replacement shirts & trailers, replacement multiple hook systems, monofilament wind-on leaders, jig keepers and a jig storage box.<script src=http://></script>;

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