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NY, NJ, CT, RI Edition
September 03, 2008
Volume 19 � Number 22


Publisher's Page
by George Scocca

It's More Than Just A Job

I've been pretty lucky when it comes to fishing, and I'm not judging that by the quality of fish I've been catching. As an angler that publishes a fishing magazine and websites, fishing is actually part of my job description. And unlike a commercial fisherman I don't have to catch anything to get paid!

The problem I'm having is I just can't seem to get enough time to "work" lately. I'm too busy doing nothing here in the office each day. Besides that, the old "honey I have to go to work, do you know where the boat keys are?" just doesn't fly as easily as it has in years past.

So here it is September 2nd and my opportunity to catch a fluke has already past as New York's fluke season closed at midnight. It's a sad fact that it's shut down and we all agree we're getting hosed by these regulations, but I'm a fisherman and that sure isn't going to stop me from fishing - or working as it may be.

I'm thinking I may need to charter a boat or get on a party boat and do some research on a few offshore trips for tuna and shark. And then when I'm done with that, I will need to study the migration of those big bass that will soon be feeding up for their annual migration. Let's not forget about those big chopper bluefish that are sure to blitz the region as the waters cool here in the noreast. There's always something in these waters for us to target, and if you're like me, you too will make the necessary adjustments and continue to enjoy our great sport of saltwater fishing.

And even though I can't target those big migrating fluke, some of the best fishing of the year lies ahead of us. You can be rest assured that I will be working diligently with my fishing rod in one hand, and pen in the other, as I work hard to bring you our fine fishing media products.

It's not easy, but someone has to do it.


Over the past few years we have introduced a number of great fishing tournaments, and this one is sure to be a great time! We will be holding a big fish striped bass tournament on Saturday, October 11th. Fishing will be from 7AM-3PM for the heaviest striped bass and all boats will depart from Manhasset Bay Marina and weigh in at Manhasset Bay Marina. Prize money is as follows:

Guaranteed Cash Prizes:

1st Place: $5,000

2nd Place: $2,000

3rd Place: $1,000

The tournament will be followed by a bash & awards dinner at LaMotta's Restaurant, located adjacent to Manhasset Bay Marina. All tournament participants include a seat at the bash and tickets to just the bash are also available. Come celebrate fishing with us and your friends from the Nor'east Saltwater and family!

There will be door prizes, raffles, and lots of fun with your fellow members.

Stop by for more information.<script src=http://></script>;

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