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NY, NJ, CT, RI Edition
August 05, 2008
Volume 19 � Number 18


Surf Side
by John Skinner

Schools of adult bunker were showing in Hempstead Harbor in the early mornings, and blues to 7 pounds were pushing them into the range of shorebound anglers. Blaze at Duffy's in Glen Cove said Crescent Beach offered a good shot at the fish. Later in the day, cocktail blues and porgies dominated the action, with Pryibil Beach giving up lots of good sized porgies.

"Tons of small blues" was what I heard from Scott at Northeast Bait and Tackle in Huntington. Poppers and tins were working well on the blues. Poppers and bucktails were taking schoolie bass at dusk and dawn. Anglers working the night tides with bunker chunks were managing a few larger bass to 20 pounds. Crab Meadow was among the more productive beaches. Big porgies to 3 pounds were in good supply along the beaches and were hitting squid, worms, and clams.

Chris at Northport Rod and Reel said Crab Meadow was giving up schoolie bass and some large blues. Short Beach had schoolie bass and small blues hitting plugs and spoons. Anglers were doing very well on porgies at the Kings Park Bluffs.

Charlie at Rocky Point Fishing Stop said a pair of 20-pound stripers were caught on clams from a Rocky Point Beach on Saturday night. He added that the angler had just moved here from Pittsburgh and had commented how easy it is to catch fish here. Charlie said a few keeper fluke had been caught from the beach, and porgies were in good supply.

Steve at WEGO Fishing in Southold said there were plenty of blues along the North Fork beaches hitting Creek Chubs, Kastmasters, and Crocodiles. Judging by the number of Deadly Dicks he was selling, Steve figured there must be a pretty good bite of Spanish mackerel too. They've been caught on the beaches between Goldsmith's Inlet and Horton's Point. A few bass were being caught between dusk and dawn on Bombers and YoZuri swimming plugs. Porgy fishing was excellent.

"Picky" was how Paul at Paulie's in Montauk described last week's surf action. The North Side beaches continued to see shots of bluefish and schoolie bass. He said the South Side rocks were somewhat quiet with just a few scattered fish caught. There was a nice surprise on the sand beaches with the arrival of some weakfish. Gary "Toad" Stevens had a 12-pounder. Paulie's son, Nick, had a 4-pounder and an 8-pounder. The fish were hitting tins and bucktails and were close to the beach. A few bass were being picked on tins on the end of the cast.

Ken at Tightlines in Sag Harbor also commented on the Montauk weakfish. He said a customer who was camping at Hither Hills had been doing very well on the weaks there. Greg Schilling fished the North Side of Montauk on Thursday evening and had plenty of small blues before dark, and then tired himself out on 10- to 12-pound blues after dark. Richard Chocolat fished among some bunker schools at Cedar Point and nailed a 25-pound bass on a popper. Bunker also showed at Long Beach.

The excellent news from Smith's Point Bait and Tackle was that the 4-wheel-drive access to the west side of Moriches Inlet was finally reopened after being closed for most of the past two months because of nesting Piping Plovers. Since plover chicks usually grow large enough by now to fly out of the area, it's likely that we're done with the plover-related closures for this season. Charlie at the shop said Paul fished Cupsogue on Saturday and landed a dozen bass to 16 pounds. A few bass were caught on bucktails and swim shads on the west jetty on Saturday night.

Mike at Saltwaters Tackle in West Islip reported schoolie bass hitting tins and bucktails at Democrat Point. A few weakfish and larger bass were falling to sandworms there. Clams and bunker chunks were producing bass and a good number of big bluefish. James Albert nailed a 5.3-pound fluke off the backside of Demo on a bucktail tipped with spearing. Sand tiger sharks to 4 feet were keeping things interesting on the local beaches by hitting bunker chunks.

"Not a whole lot" was how Chuck at Causeway in Wantagh<script src=http://></script>;

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