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NY, NJ, CT, RI Edition
August 05, 2008
Volume 19 � Number 18


Salt Lines

The following discussions were taken from our website. Stuck catching the same size fluke every day? Our first topic will help you find some bigger fish. Wondering where to put that chum pot? Our second discussion will help find the right spot for your chum pot. You can find these and hundreds more new discussions daily at

What Am I Doing Wrong?

I've been fluking off the beaches in RI for four days straight from 0630 to 1630, and I'm getting frustrated! I have caught 179 fluke with exactly 5 being keepers! Those were only 20-23"! What gives? I've been fishing in 30-60' of water, with everything under the sun. Jigging, dead stick, mono, braid, live bait, dead bait, big and small jigs, fluke bullets, teasers, plastic, hi/lo rigs, 3 way rigs, spinners, hoochies, plain hooks, drift sock, no drift sock, etc. I've been fishing rods out of holders and jigging. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


Don't panic. It sounds as if you're doing everything right. It's just really, really tough to get keeper-sized fluke today with current regs. Keep trying!


It doesn't sound like you're doing too badly to me. But it does sound like you've been what I like to call "Cookie Cutter" fishing. What is that? Well, there are times that large quantities of fluke will move into an area - and nearly every single one will be about the same size. And nearly all will be short. This appears to have been your experience. So you have two choices - either stick with what you are doing and hope that you can cull a larger fish or two from the prevailing-sized biomass - or move away, do some exploring and hope that it pays off.
Is there some broken bottom in your area? You can try to fish the structure in an effort to put a better fish in the boat. Big fluke are not stupid and yet they are quite lazy. They normally will not want to compete with the energetic young ‘uns for the available food, and so they will shy away from the vast schools of smaller fish and seek out areas that they can hunt more as solitary predators. Spots that feature structure, like reef edges and spread out, broken down wrecks that feature extended rubble fields afford an abundance of hiding places for the large fluke to lay in ambush between and next to the hard pieces - which are a veritable buffet table of different tasty fluke foods such as crabs, baby lobsters, bergalls and various fish fry that try to use the shelter of the rubble to help protect themselves. Predator species such as fluke are genetically conditioned over eons of time to seek out such places as their primary residences.
So that's my advice to you. Try moving away from the smaller fish and seek out the bottom in your area that might look good for sea bass and tog fishing. Drift those areas and see if you don't increase your better-fish scoring. Just be prepared to cough up some terminal tackle which is no more than one would expect fishing sticky areas anyway.


I would suggest you move, and go to bigger baits. There is a body of bigger fish off of Newport and Sachuest Point. Also, there are some bigger fish around Pt. Jude Light and around to opposite the center wall. You might also want to try the area off the SW corner of the island down around Black Rock. Like Pete said, they often move in en masse and they are all around the same size, so when that happens usually the best bet is to move.


Setting Up a Chum Slick

My buddy just bought his first boat and we were out yesterday when he proceeded to open a box of frozen chum he purchased from Causeway B/T.
Now mind you this is our first time doing this. He placed the chum in a pot made of wire mesh with a paving block on the bottom of the cage and lowered it about 19 feet. We were fishing near the 3rd Wantagh Bridge about 2 hours before the tide change. We were in about 19<script src=http://></script>;

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