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NY, NJ, CT, RI Edition • Volume 20 Number 7 • Jul 01 2009
About the Cover:

On the cover of our 20th Anniversary Issue is the original cover that appeared on the very first issue (Volume 1, number 1) of the Nor’east Saltwater Magazine. Many covers and many magazines have been published since then and we here at Nor’east Saltwater have enjoyed creating each and every one for our dedicated readers and family of advertisers. Many names and faces may have come and gone here at Nor’east Saltwater over the last 20 years but the goal of providing the best fishing information and reading that we possibly can, still remains.

One face that has not changed from the original Nor’east Staff is that of our Publisher and President, George R. Scocca. Through his guideance, perserverance and true love of fishing, we continue to publish one of the best “Free” Saltwater Fishing magazines around today as well as, the best saltwater fishing web site in the nation.

Good luck and good fishing!

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