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Pattern Index

Softex Silversides
by Don Avondolio

Hook: #1 - 2/0 Long Shank

White or Olive Marabou
Polar Bear & Olive Ultra-Hair
Pearl Saltwater Flashabou
Silver Prism Stick-On Eyes
White Thread

This pattern is anti-fouling and does a fine job of imitating the small Atlantic silversides (a.k.a.: spearing) prey species of Nor'east baitfish. It casts well and it is lighter than an epoxy version. The profile is realistic and fairly easy to create. Translucent coloring is a typical spearing trait. The stripe, large eye and live action tail all add to positive attraction.

"Softex," is a rubbery coating for fly patterns manufactured by Icon Products of Castro Valley, California. The low-viscosity formula penetrates threads and fibers to create a solid body structure. All you need do is give the tied pattern several dips into the "Softex" to create the body and add a durable finish.  

1: Wrap the hook shank from bend to hook eye with white thread.

2: Add a "bump" approximately 1/4-inch behind the hook eye by overlapping thread turns. Make the "bump" about 1/8 of an inch in diameter. This will enhance the finished profile.

3: Tie-in the marabou tail, extending it approximately 1/2-inch beyond the hook bend. Use either white or olive marabou. Marabou's soft feather fibers have a lot of action in the water.

4: Tie in the olive Ultra-Hair top wing at the head. Trim the excess, and apply head cement. Tie-in the bottom wing of Polar Bear Ultra-Hair also at the head, trim, finish the tie, and apply head cement. The lengths of the Olive and Polar Bear wings should extend beyond the hook bend long enough to provide something for you to grasp in the next step.

6: Hold the top and bottom wings together behind the hook bend and dip the pattern into the Softex. Slowly withdraw the pattern, allowing the Softex to penetrate the fibers and create a fish shape. You'll have to hold the wings together at the rear while the Softex takes hold, but it will begin to set within one minute. The pattern will harden in approximately 30 minutes. When it does, give it a second dip in the Softex.

7: While this second coat is still somewhat tacky, but not soft, add a pearl stripe of Saltwater Flashabou to each side and the stick-on eyes. Allow the pattern to dry once more and give it another dip in the Softex.

Note: You can build a larger profile by repeatedly dipping the pattern into the Softex, but the more coats you apply, the more opaque the Softex coating will become. It's best to coat the Flashabou and Prism Eyes with only one or two layers of Softex.

8: When the pattern is completely dry, snip off the Ultra-Hair "handles" that are extending beyond the hook bend. Cut close to the Softex body, but not too close. To remove the built-up Softex around the hook eye, grab the hook with your scissors just in front of your thread wrap and right behind the hook eye. Rotate the pattern between the scissors blades and the cap of Softex can be pulled away cleanly. You might want to use an older pair of scissors for this final step.

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