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Ultra Hair Silversides
by Don Avondolio


3/0 White Thread

Standard or long shank #2 to #2/0 hook

Silver Bill's Body Braid

Polar Bear Ultra Hair

Olive Ultra Hair

Yellow Krystal Flash

Pearl Saltwater Flashabou

Silver Prism Stick-on eyes

Red Pantone Pen

5-Minute epoxy


This pattern may be tied in various lengths from a short 1.5 inches on up to 4 inches. The Ultra Hair mimics the translucent color of the common Atlantic silversides that are often found in our waters.

Ultra Hair is an attractive synthetic material with a zig-zag shape that closely resembles the scales of a baitfish. When combined with a silver head and prominent, silver side stripes, this fly is productive when it's darted from side to side in areas where the baitfish are prevalent. Silversides are a favorite striper food during the fall, and the latter part of the season can find large silversides in many spots. This baseball bat shaped baitfish can be mimicked by trimming the tail materials to suit the profile.

As an option, a chartreuse topwing can be substituted for the olive to turn the pattern into more of an attractor than a simulator.


1: Wrap 3/0 white thread near the hook eye.

2: Tie in silver Body Braid at the head, and it wrap back toward barb. Taper the wraps to form an oval shape.

3: Tie in olive Ultra Hair on the top of the shank at the hook eye on top. Make the topwing approximate twice the length of the hook shank.

4: Now turn to the bottom wing, and tie in Polar Bear Ultra Hair at hook eye. Match the length to the topwing.

5: Distribute the bottom wing evenly on both sides of the hook bend. Hold top and bottom wings in the rear. Mix a batch of 5-Minute epoxy, and wet the pattern slightly to help keep the fibers in place. Don't soak the pattern or the epoxy may not bond properly.

Apply a thin layer of epoxy to the front section of the braid and Ultra Hair.

6: When the epoxy has thicken, but not yet set, add strands of yellow Krystal Flash to each side of the pattern, and let it dry thoroughly.

7: Add red gill markings and large eyes. The eyes of a silversides are out-of-proportion to the rest of its body, and large eyes often can be what triggers a gamefish to strike.

8: Add a final thin coat of epoxy over the head and gills.

9: Once again, wait until the epoxy is almost set, and this time, add a single strand of silver saltwater Flashabou to each side of the pattern Position the Flashabou so that it starts behind the gill marking and runs to about one-quarter of an inch behind the hook bend.

10: When this last coat of epoxy is dry, go to work with a standard or a taperizing scissors to create the silverside profile.

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