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Pattern Index

by Bob Veverka


Thread: Monofilament
Hook: Trey Combs Big Game, Tiemco 811s, Mustad 34007, or Daiichi 2546, Size 1/0 - 3/0
Tail: White bucktail, Silver Firefly Tye, two matching marabou plumes (grey, white, olive or chartreuse:
Body: Pearl braid
Wing: Olive-brown bucktail
Belly: White bucktail
Sides: Pearl Firefly Tye
Eyes - Witchcraft Stick-on Silver Prism
Head: Epoxy


Thread: Monofilament
Hook: 1/0 - 3/0
Tail: White bucktail, silver & pearl Firefly Tye, two grey or white matching marabou plumes
Body: Pearl braid
Wing: Purple over blue bucktail
Belly: White bucktail
Sides: Silver flash
Eyes: Witchcraft Stick-on Silver Prism
Head: Epoxy

These patterns were developed over the last five years while fishing off the East Cape of Baja, Mexico. The East Cape area is noted for its marlin, dorado and tuna as well as inshore flyfishing for roosterfish. I have also used these patterns in the Floriday Keys for blackfin tuna, false albacore and dolphin with great success. It works well for fall striped bass when white marabou is used for the tail.

The sardine is a very important baitfish. It is silvery on its sides and olive on top. Flying fish are also found offshore and at times you can see large schools of them lifting off the water with grey-hounding dorado behind them in hot pursuit. At times like this, a Flying-Fish Pattern with a light bottom and grey-blue top works best.

Most people feel that you need a big fly for offshore fly fishing, This may be true for marlin and sailfish, but patterns tied in the 3.5- to 4.5-inch range work best for dorado and tuna. It is important to match the baitfish in size, shape and color as close as possible while fishing in the clear blue water. I like to use marabou in the tail because it has great action and shows a good silhouette from the side and below. While developing these patterns I tried to adhere to the hallmarks of a good fishing fly: Easy to tie with readily available materials, looks good , and it works!

1: Tie in white bucktail for tail.

2: Loop in three to four strands of silver Firefly Tye. When looped, it will make six to eight strands in the tail

3: Tie in two matching right and left marabou plumes.

4: Wind thread to eye of hook, securing all tail materials, and glue.

5: With tying thread at back of body, slip on pearl braid over hook shank and tie down with thread ending behind hook eye.

6: Tie in white bucktail for belly of fly. Choose hair fibers that come from the base of the bucktail. When tied, it should semi-flare, and when epoxied, keep baitfish silhouette.

7: Tie in top wing of olive-brown bucktail. Again, use the hair from the base of the bucktail.

8: Loop in three strands of pearl flash for the sides.

9: Place stick-on eyes.

10: Epoxy head.

11: Cast into a feeding frenzy of tuna or dorado or even striped bass and hold on! 

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