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Dino's "Rattlin' Bunny"
by Capt. Dino Torino


  • Materials: Hook -- 1/0 34007
  • Rattle -- 3mm
  • Eyes -- Stick-on Yellow or Silver
  • Body -- Crystal Chenille
  • Wing -- Olive, Chartreuse, Tan, or Yellow Polar Fibre
    and Fly Fur
  • Tail -- 2-inch White Zonker Strip
  • Thread -- White 3/0 monofilament

1: Tie in the rattle on top of the hook shank and attach a loop of 20-pound-test leader material, extending slightly beyond the hook bend to support the Zonker strip. Tie-in the Zonker strip to extend beyond the monofilament leader.

2: Wrap back to the hook eye and tie in the Crystal Chenille. Palmer the chenille back over the rattle and to just before the hook bend. Tie off at the bend.

3: Start your thread at the head again, this time tying in the topwing of Polar Fibre over Fly Fur in your choice of colors. Whip finish the head.

4: Coat the head with 5-minute epoxy, extending back far enough to form a large head. Rotate the pattern. Allow the epoxy to set, but not harden, and add the stick-on eyes.

5: When the epoxy has hardened, draw gill plates on the sides of the head with a red marker. Add a second coat of epoxy with enough bulk to form a large head. Rotate the pattern and let it dry thoroughly.

Capts. Dino Torino and Frank Crescitelli run Fin Chaser Charters out of Staten Island and Lower Manhattan.



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