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Geno's Baby Angel

by Capt. Gene Quigley


  • Hook: Trey Comb's Big Game 4/0 or equivalent
  • Eyes: 3-D Molded Epoxy
  • Thread: Ultra-Fine Monofilament
  • Body: Pearl Angel Hair
  • Topwing: Silver Angel Hair under Peacock Angel Hai.
  • Sides: Rainbow Angel Hair
This is a basic high-tie pattern that can be tied in various lengths and is designed to imitate baby bunker from 2 to 6 inches long. It's best during the fall for striped bass, false albacore, weakfish, and bluefish. The Angel Hair gives the pattern an enticing sparkle, particularly along the shorter belly fibers and in the tail.

1: Start your tie in the middle of a clump of Pearl Angel Hair toward the back portion of the hook shank. Allow 3 to 5 inches to hang beyond the hook bend.

2: Fold the forward length of Angel Hair over itself and tie it in so that it lays on top of the rear portion. The top should be slightly shorter than the bottom piece.

3: Rotate the hook and repeat the tie with a length of Angel Hair tied on the bottom of the hook shank just forward of the bend. Separate the Angel Hair so that it flanks the bend evenly.

4: Repeat the procedure, alternating between top and bottom ties, working your way toward the hook eye. No materials should be tied along the sides of the hook yet.

5: When you're close to the hook eye, add a few strands of Rainbow Angel Hair to each side, then proceed to tie in the topwing materials as you add one more bottom tie of the body hair close to the hook eye. Tie off the materials.

6: Use sharp scissors to trim the belly materials to shape. If you gauged your high-ties well, the top may not need to be trimmed to shape at all. If it does, do so sparingly, trying to keep the Angel Hair as long as possible. Add the eyes and epoxy the head.

Capt. Gene Quigley runs Shore Catch Guiding Service in New Jersey and can be contacted at 732-528-1861 (e-mail: The pattern pictured above was tied by Leo LaForgia of the Salty Flyrodders of New York.


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