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Bay Anchovy
by Dan Eng

The bay anchovy comes into our waters the year round. They are sometimes referred to as rainbait due to the sound they make when they're chased by bass, blues, and false albacore.
Bay anchovies range in size from just under 1 inch to over 3 inches, so the pattern should be tied in a variety of sizes. Color variations include all chartreuse, or yellow over pink over white Fly Fur. Use a slow to medium retrieve.

  • Size #2 hook -- use a heavy wire hook (Tiemco 800s, Eagle Claw 254SS)
  • Clear monofilament tying thread
  • 10-pound-test monofilament line
  • Bill's Bodi-Braid silver
  • Tan Fly Fur or equivalent
  • Flashabou Pearl
  • Copper Krystal Flash
  • Witchcraft #2 Silver Prism Eyes
  • Epoxy
  • Red Sharpie-type permanent ink marker

Wrap the shank of the hook with the 10-pound-test monofilament line. Build up the center and taper both ends so that you form a belly. Tie off the mono and wrap it with silver Bodi-Braid.

Cut off a bunch of tan craft fur and pull out the short fluffy fibers. Tie it in at the hook eye. Take a few strands of the pearl Flashabou and a single strand of copper Krystal Flash, double them over, and tie in at the hook eye. Finish with a second bunch of tan Craft Fur.

Stick on the Witchcraft eyes.While pulling the craft fur back, coat with the pattern with epoxy. Always spread epoxy in the direction of fiber's grain -- from the hook eye to hook bend. Apply enough epoxy to cover the pattern from the head to slightly beyond the hook bend, and to create a baitfish profile. Set the pattern in a drying motor and let it rotate while the epoxy sets. Don't worry if the Fly Fur starts to lift away from the hook. Just pull the fur back down into place before the epoxy cures. Let the expoxy set firmly before you handle the pattern.
Draw a red gill line with the permanent marker and apply second, light coat of epoxy.

You can follow this same proceedure to tie a spearing pattern using longer olive Fly Fur over pearl Flashabou over white Fly Fur or a sand eel imitation, using a long shank hook (Mustad 34011 #1) with olive Fly Fur over pearl Flashabou over lavender Fly Fur. You can also bind down the Fly Fur and flash with a light wrap of mono thread in order to create a slimmer profile before applying epoxy.









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