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Sea Rabbit Series
By John Schlowinski

The Sea Rabbit series of flies is a combination of different tyers' styles on one hook, and has several optional variations. It can combine a high-tie back with a flat-wing style double rabbit tail, use peacock swords as a back, or stand alone with top and bottom rabbit strips.
The key is the use of two
Zonker strips, glued together, to form the body. The pattern can be tied with a barbell eye, or conehead to get the fly down, as an intermediate-sink fly by using bead chain eyes, or made to ride higher with only stick-on eyes.
The color combinations for are endless. Tie it long and in all black, and it's an eel. Try chartreuse and tan rabbit strips, all chartreuse, all tan, or olive and chartreuse as shown.
The two pieces of rabbit are fur tied on opposite sides of the hook and glued together. Tying the strips on the top and bottom of the shank gives you a baitfish profile. Tying the strips on the sides of the hook leaves room for a topwing of peacock sword, a high-tie of a flash material, or, if you like, both
I fish this fly and other "bunny flies" all spring and through the summer and into the fall. I've caught blues, stripers, fluke, and weaks. Even false albacore find it irresistible.

  • Hook -- 911S Size 4 to 1/0, or 811S Size 2 to 1
  • Conehead (Optional) -- Size to fit hook
  • Flash -- Flashabou/Krystal Flash Underbody -- Bill's Bodi-Braid
  • Thread -- Monofilament Tying Thread

  • Body -- Two rabbit strips Eyes -- Optional (As Above)

  • Head -- 5-minute Epoxy

  • Fur Glue -- Rubber Contact Cement

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