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Capt. Services Available
Price: $1.00
Capt. Services Available.
1- Distant and Local Delivery's I Winter in Stuart Fl. Jan. to May. Can run and maintain your vessle.

2-The bass are in You got the gas we get the Bass

3- General vessel maint. & care

Qualified and Certified USCG100 Ton with towing endorsement.
Fourty Year's experancein the marine servicing and repairing business.
Forty Five Year's experance,navigating and sportfishing from Mass. To Fl. and the key's.As well as local wreck and bottom fishing.We can use your vessel or mine for 1 to 6 man crew trip's.
Tackle can be supplied.
Capt. Freddy K. Small Fry Charter's
Call 1 631 697 1956
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