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Bob Banfelder

Bob is an award-winning crime-thriller novelist and outdoors writer. "The Fishing Smart Anywhere Handbook for Salt Water & Fresh Water" is endorsed by Lefty Kreh and Angelo Peluso~online at Amazon.

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July 01, 2014

Eposeidon ~ Professional Fishing Tackle: Affordable Pricing

by Bob Banfelder

Review: Ecooda ERS 3000 Spinning Reel

Under the Eposeidon Outdoor Adventure, Inc. label, the Ecooda (Royal Sea) ERS 3000 all metal, aluminum body spinning reel is a real deal. It is designed and engineered by Ecooda, and, yes, it comes with an extra spool; that is, a second aluminum alloy (not plastic) spool. I filled one spool with Eposeidon's Superpower 12-pound test braided line, and the other with KastKing's Copolymer 12-pound test. KastKing is Eposeidon's own brand of fishing tackle: Whatever line you choose to fill your spools on the Ecooda 3000 Max Drag Power spinning reel, mustering up to a whopping 22 pounds of stopping power, you will experience ultimate smoothness. Why? Well, the reel's drag system is comprised of carbon fiber washers while the reel itself boasts 8 shielded stainless steel ball bearings plus one instant anti-reverse roller bearing. Carbon fiber drag washers are an important element found in quality reels because they do not distort from excessive heat buildup. Comparable reels of this caliber cost many times more than the ERS 3000. I repeat—many times more. More on pricing in a moment, for I want to first bait you. You might and should be asking yourself how the company can do that inexpensively? Note that I didn't say cheaply, for there is nothing cheap about this reel.

Let's examine this reel further: A precision machined stainless steel gear shaft along with a brass pinion gear drives this workhorse. A specifically designed PLS (Power Launch Spool) spool lip allows for longer, tangle-free casts. Two of those eight stainless steel ball bearings support the spool and offer super-smooth retrieves. What if I told you that the angler shall receive this precision packaged product, plus an extra spool, for under a hundred dollars? What's the catch, you're certainly wondering. Well, there is a catch. The catch is that you're going to cast, retrieve, hook, and catch far more quality fish with this capital reel in hand than you would with a low-end reel costing about the same amount of money. Here you're getting an excellent reel at a fraction of the cost. How does $95.98 with free shipping grab you? Remember, the reel comes with a second spool. And how about an extra 5% off a second Ecooda spinning reel? That's it, folks. There truly is no catch other than landing that keeper.

Delving into the workings of this fine tool, let's consider other important aspects with which I concern myself. In addition to the number of shielded stainless steel ball bearings housed within the body, which translates into the reel's smoothness, gear ratio and weight are to be regarded, too. The ratio for the ERS 3000 is 5.1:1. The reel's weight is 10.6 ounces. This simply means that you can cast and retrieve for hours on end without fatigue.

Line capacity is another consideration. Here is the ERS 3000's spool rating referencing monofilament line for 10-, 12-, and 14-pound test line: 10 lb./220 yds. ~ 12 lb./140 yds. ~ 14lb./110 yds. Their corresponding capacities, measured in millimeters and meters, respectively, as the company utilizes the metric system in lieu of U.S. Standard, are forever etched upon the spool: 0.286/200 ~ 0.33/130 ~ 0.37/100. Huh? Live with it. Of course, you will fill the spool with greater yardage when utilizing braided line of equal strength. Although the company is new to the United States, its products are well-known and very popular in Australia, Europe, as well as making headway in Canada. Hence, the utilization of the metric system.

Let's review as well as consider a long list of added features:

Flex-free aluminum alloy side plates.

Extra flex-free aluminum alloy spool.

Specially designed Power Launch Spool (PLS) lip for longer, tangle-free casts.

A super-strength micro-balanced aluminum rotor.

Eight (8) precision stainless steel shielded ball bearings.

One (1) instant one-way clutch roller bearing.

Easy access to anti-reverse switch.

Close tolerance machined stainless steel gear shaft and brass pinion gear.

Direct-drive handle with nonslip T-grip for solid hook-ups.

Max Drag Power carbon fiber washers.

The Ecooda (Royal Sea) ERS 3000 aluminum alloy body spinning reel comes in purple, red, and gold trim. Shown here is the purple trim model. As either your mainstay or as a backup reel, you won't go wrong with the Ecooda (Royal Sea) ERS 3000 spinning reel.

ERS 3000 inner workings

I am currently field-testing rods, reels, lines and lures along with others who are part of the Eposeidon Professional Fishing Tackle Team. Only when we are completely satisfied with a product, after having rigorously field-tested each item while offering both negative and positive comments, will that article move from the prototype stage and brought to the point of refinement. Only then will it be placed in your hands. Stay tuned for future reviews.

Review: Copolymer & Braided Line

Let's examine the types of fishing line offered under the company's umbrella; namely, Eposeidon's Superpower Braid, and KastKing's Copolymer Line. Years ago monofilament line was a single filament line, whereas today copolymer is a two or more filament line. It is my understanding that most monofilament lines are now, actually, copolymer lines. KastKing's copolymer lines boasts high tensile strength, superior castability, low stretch, and high abrasion resistance—and for a fraction of the price that you would normally spend for quality mono. I've noted, too, that Kast King's copolymer lines have a smaller diameter for a given pound-test rating than the competition. Interesting.

I'm presently working with KastKing's 10- and 12-pound test line: blue-green and clear copolymer, respectively. They cast a country mile. I'll need the rest of the 2014 season to fairly judge their overall performance and will certainly follow up with comments at a later date. Meanwhile, compare 330 yards at $6.99.

Additionally, I'm field-testing Eposeidon's SuperPower Braid Line in 12- and 15-pound strengths: Hi-Vis Yellow and Moss Green, respectively. Again, I'll need the remainder of the season to judge their overall performance. The company boasts high tensile strength, great abrasion resistance, virtually zero stretch, ultra-sensitivity, round and smooth construction for superior castability, and a special coating to limit water absorption. Several more trips to the porgy grounds with a by-catch of blowfish, kingfish, and trigger fish will give me a good indication of the braids' performance; 328 yards for $11.98. Compare big name brands ranging from $17 to $25 for only half that yardage.

Pictured left to right (foreground): Spools of KastKing Copolymer blue-green line, Superpower Eposeidon green braid, Superpower Eposeidon yellow braid, KastKing Copolymer clear line
(background): pouch, box for ERS 3000 spinning reel, extra spool, reel lube

Once again, it's interesting to note that these reels and lines sell for far less money than the big name brands. How are these two companies able to do this? In answering the question, I contacted Eposeidon's Director of Marketing, Tom Gahan. "Well, Bob," he began, "we do not have fancy corporate offices. We do not run full-page color ads in prestigious magazines. We do not engage in lavish get-togethers. We eliminate the middlemen. Any idea how many people take a piece of the pie before the product reaches a store like, say, Dick's Sporting Goods? These savings are passed on to our customers because we sell direct. Additionally, we strive to assure customer satisfaction. In short, at Eposeidon, we make fishing fun and very affordable."

Some of you may be thinking that this sounds like familiar rhetoric, short of solid substance. But I know better. I say this with utmost confidence for the simple reason that I know Tom Gahan both professionally and personally. If Tom were in Athens, circa 365 B.C.E., Diogenes (with lantern in hand during daylight hours to further the philosopher's point), searching for an honest man, would not have had to wander far nor wide if Gahan were in proximity. Tom also addresses the issue of brand loyalty. What it comes down to is this; I'll paraphrase. When you realize that an off-brand reel, rod, line or lure can do a job equally as well as your name-brand favorite, but at less than half the price, brand loyalty often takes a bow and a backseat to the educated consumer.

Will the Eposeidon and KastKing series of reels and rods hold up over the years? Don't rightly know; only time will tell. And hopefully I'll be around to tell you like it is. Ostensibly, however, we have a winner on our hands with the Ecooda (Royal Sea) ERS 3000 spinning reel. At this juncture, I strongly advise and urge you to log onto You'll discover lures that will lure you with both hard and soft baits at unbelievable savings; for example: tins, plastic frogs, single and jointed crankbaits, buzzbaits, spinnbaits, umbrella rigs, et cetera. I was delighted to see that the lures I'm field-testing boasted quality VMC hooks. You can thank me later with your comments after you save a small fortune on reels, lines, and lures. Remember, too, that those rods we're field-testing are just a short cast away from production.
Eposeidon was most recently named the exclusive Ecooda Distributor for North America. I'll also be looking forward to reviewing one of the company's low-profile bait casting reels in the very near future. Once again, stay tuned.

Robert Banfelder
Award-Winning Thriller Novelist, Outdoors Writer & Creator of a Unique Writing Course Guide
Senior Editor, Broadwater Books
Cablevision TV Show Host, Special Interests with Bob & Donna

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