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Role Reversal    5/8/00
Charter Captains as Passengers...
North shore Flounder: 3 Good Spots!!!    5/8/00
Drop an anchor almost anywhere during April or May and you have a great chance of catching flounder.
Montauk Cod    5/8/00
When the fishing is red hot, just get the bait on the hook and the hook in the water.
Meadowbrook Ridge Blackfish    5/8/00
Mention a bridge to a South shore fisherman, and the first thought will be “blackfish”.
Mackerel Basics    5/8/00
If you’re like most offshore fishing enthusiasts, the spring runs of Atlantic mackerel along Long Island’s south shore signals the beginning of the upcoming season.
Inshore Cod    5/8/00
In our area, there is decent cod fishing available within a short distance of the dock or launch ramp.
I’ll Take Montauk    5/8/00
We set out from Vanderbilt’s Wharf Marina in Oakdale at dawn that morning and headed east, through Great South Bay. Our voyage took us by Smith Point and through the narrows, across Moriches bay, past the lovely homes that line the Quantuck and Quoge Cana
Getting Back    5/8/00
You can’t always avoid trouble on the water, but by proper preparation, you can minimize it.
Celebrate Spring With Captree Flounder    5/8/00
Early spring is surely flounder time at Captree.
Blue Water Review     5/8/00
Blue Water Review A look at the 1991 offshore fishing scene
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