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Bankers’ Hours Weakfish    6/1/00
May 17, 2000 — The amazing thing was that this day of fishing began at a reasonable hour.
Baitcasting and Conventional setups.    5/9/00
Conventional reels.
Weakfish cooperative Anglers Program    5/8/00
Weakfish cooperative Anglers Program 1990 Annual Report.
Wanna Buy A Boat?    5/8/00
So, you want to buy a new fishing machine...
The Year Of The Bucktail    5/8/00
The 1991 summer flounder season saw the bucktail jig gain unprecedented popularity among south shore anglers.
The Port Of Egypt Story    5/8/00
Port of Egypt gradually, inexorably transmogrified from a little row boat rental station into a widely respected, frequently honored marina/boat dealership/service facility/sportfishing center.
The Perfect Match part 3    5/8/00
The first two articles of this four part series has given us a firm building block, and it’s now time to put that knowledge to use.
Sure Thing Come Spring    5/8/00
While many people equate the start of spring to different things, for fishermen on Long Island, the start of spring is equated to the first flounder flopping in the fish pail.
Springtime Blackfish    5/8/00
One of the more anticipated events come the beginning of May, is the arrival of the first run of Blackfish.
Sharks: Start Of The offshore season    5/8/00
Migrating seasonally up and down the coast, sharks are the first of the big game species to be taken in our waters.
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