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FireLine in the Surf    12/4/00
Nor’east Saltwater’s Surf Editor takes a look at Berkeley’s popular line.
A Fly Fisherman’s Year    12/4/00
A poem...
The Cayman Islands - Unofficial National Sport    12/4/00
The three Cayman Islands are most often associated with diving excursions, but sportfishing is the real national passion.
Flounder - Past, Present and Future    12/4/00
It was March of 1955 and I was ready for my first flounder trip.
Winter Cod    12/4/00
Montauk is known as the Fishing Capitol of the World, and, in my mind, there is no doubt about that label.
Skinny Water Fluke Fishing    12/4/00
There is nothing that compares to fishing for fluke in “skinny” water.
North Fork Deep-Water Doormats    12/4/00
Fishing for fluke on the North Shore.
A Sense of the Surf — It’s Good to be Alive!    12/4/00
I am standing alone in hard rain and up to my stomach in dark water. My waders hug my body and thousands of fat raindrops splash, bounce, and cascade off my brimmed hat. There is no better place to be.
A Day Stolen from Winter    12/4/00
Since I had already racked my surf rods for the season, I didn’t hesitate to accept his invitation to accompany him on his next blackfish trip.
Get The Net!     12/4/00
This night would be different. Instead of heading back to bed, I booted up my computer and headed for a series of Internet websites that would tell me what my senses could not.
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