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Costa Rican Silvers    4/11/00
I have fished for tarpon before, but never like this.
DUE NORTH    4/11/00
A compass is an essential piece of marine and angling equipment.
The Gleam of Metal    4/11/00
The diamond jig as long been considered by many fishermen to be one of the most versatile lures.
Small Fish Friendly Bunker Spoons    4/11/00
Wire line and bunker spoons probably account for more striped bass along the South Shore of Long Island.
The Striper Study Continues…    4/11/00
This article describes the striped bass study protocol and provides some preliminary findings.
Swimming With Blackfish    4/11/00
Nor’east Saltwater’s Moriches Inlet Editor Takes A Tog’s Eye-view of Angling
The Name Of The Game Is Fluke    4/11/00
It may go by different names- summer flounder, northern fluke and “doormats” but here in the Nor’east it’s rarely referred to as anything but fluke.
The Striped Bass    4/11/00
Follow a striped bass along her migration to the Chesapeake in this excerpt from Nick Karas’ new book “The Striped Bass”.
Moriches Bay Flounder Fishing    4/11/00
Water temperature, tidal currents, bottom composition and bait selection are the four most important keys to successful flounder hunting.
Montauk’s Spring Stripers    4/11/00
With the current sad state of much of Long Island’s fisheries, it is refreshing to see one that appears to be quite healthy and robust.
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