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Old Girl Part II     4/11/00
When we left her, our “Old Girl” had been caught and released by a South Shore surfcaster. Now, the author takes another look at what might be going through the mind of a 50-pound striper.
'Tog from A Different Angle    4/11/00
If seeing is believing, then I have definitely seen the light when it comes to understanding blackfish.
Hudson River Stripers     4/11/00
An important aspect of any type of fishing is the species that is being sought.
Fly Pattern: G&H Special    4/11/00
The G&H Special is a quick and easy tie.
Fish-A-Thon Awards Banquet     4/11/00
Get ready for another great year of Nor’east Saltwater angling and another great Inshore Fish-A-Thon.
The Old Timers    4/11/00
The youngster swam back to the floating dock where his pal helped him up, saying, "These old timers are nuts. Let’s get out of here."
A Gentleman’s     4/11/00
Our Saltwater Fly Fishing editor leaves the salt to take a look back at fly rods before the days of graphite. A split-bamboo rod is an instance in which nature is successfully improved.
Advantages of a GPS/Chartplotter    4/11/00
Advantages of a GPS/Chartplotter
Atlantic Salmon in Connecticut    4/11/00
Like to fish for Atlantic salmon? Well now you don’t have to go far to do it.
The First Trip    4/11/00
It was the youngster’s first fishing trip, and he was excited.
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