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Fish Tagging     4/12/00
Every season, we receive reports from anglers who are often more excited about having caught a tagged fish than a trophy.
The Sportfishing Education Center     4/12/00
A unique facility of great importance to recreational anglers of Long Island is soon to be constructed at Cedar Marina on land donated by the Town of Babylon.
Overnight In The Hudson: An Offshore Baptism    4/12/00
I know many experienced canyon anglers have been here before, but, for us, it was a baptism by fire to the offshore world.
The New York Fishing Tackle Trade Association     4/12/00
The New York Fishing Tackle Trade Association Background and Accomplishments
It's Not Just A Job    4/11/00
Thirty seconds that will probably forever be burned into my memory started when I flipped my light onto a fish that I had just fought to the base of an inlet jetty.
In The Slick of The Donuts    4/11/00
Such reminders of mortality can set a person to thinking, and the result was the following...
An Excellent Angler and Now With God    4/11/00
Mickey Altenkirch and Charlie Beckmann — two men whose lives influenced the way we fish who left us this year.
The Last Striper    4/11/00
Until he died, Dad regretted not returning it to the sea that day.
First Annual CCA Manhattan Cup    4/11/00
The First Annual CCA-NY Manhattan Cup was held last Friday, May 21.
Maine Stripers    4/11/00
One of the few positive things that came out of the striper population crash of the 1970s was the resurrection of Maine’s Kennebec River as a spawning area for striped bass.
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