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Delaware River Shad    4/12/00
The extremely mild winter we’ve enjoyed this year bodes well for the spring shad run.
Long-Range Surf Hook Patterns & Their Design    4/12/00
In this installment, Mike concentrates On an essential component of long-distance baitcasting — The Hook!
Custom Saltwater Fly Rods    4/12/00
Over the past two winters, we’ve outlined the basics of building your own surf and boat rods. For the 1998 Cabin Fever Season, we’ll tackle the chores that go into building a saltwater fly rod.
Panfish, Ice and a Jig Rod    4/12/00
There is no better way to spend a fine winter day outdoors on the ice than jigging panfish.
So You Want to Be a Captain    4/12/00
Tips and advice on taking the Coast Guard Captain's examination.
Do It Yourself Fly Fishing Boat    4/12/00
Heading for the open water was the next logical step for Nor’east Saltwater fly rodders who have turned saltwater fly fishing into the fastest growing aspect of our sport.
Fuji New Concept Guides    4/12/00
I have to admit that when Fuji came out with its “New Concept” guide theory back in 1995, I was skeptical.
The Longline Buyout Proposal     4/12/00
In the closing weeks of the 20th century, legislation was introduced in both houses of Congress that, if approved, will go a long way toward downsizing the American longline fleet and substantially reducing the longline bycatch in U.S. waters.
From The Hull Up     4/12/00
The new Island Princess.
Fishing — Not Catching     4/12/00
Tears rolled down Sam’s face as she picked up one of the rods and sent a cast flying out towards the fish that were breaking in the distance.
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