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Used Boat Buying    5/17/01
You really had your heart set on a boat this season. The best option may be to buy a used boat
The Riverhead Sportsmen's Club Weakfish Tournament    5/17/01
Through the good years and the lean, the Riverhead Sportsmen’s Club has held an weakfish tournament to coincide with the peak of the weakfish run.
Eight Deadly Big Bass Tactics    5/7/01
Many anglers limit themselves to one or two favorite tactics. Trying different approaches may improve your chances .
Eight deadly tactics for big striped bass    4/20/01
Striped bass can be a tough quarry, especially if you’re after the elusive big, mature striped bass.
World’s Greatest Shad Tournament    4/20/01
For the good part of forty years fishing on Long Island was a big part of my life.
Staten Island Flatties     3/16/01
While most people think of Long Island when they hear someone say, “The Island,”, I consider myself fortunate to have grown up here on the other island — Staten Island
Hudson River Angling    1/5/01
An interview with John Waldman.
Big Water, Small biats    1/5/01
What do you suppose it is that drives guys, especially the ones who know better, to take small craft out into really dangerous waters — places where they don’t belong?
Beavertail Lighthouse    1/5/01
Fishing Jamestown's Famed Beacon.
the Grand Finale    1/5/01
The week leading up to the Grand Finale had been a good one. On Monday, I wore myself out catching big blues as they chased herring and peanut bunker on Long Island’s North Shore.
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