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'Tog from A Different Angle    4/11/00
If seeing is believing, then I have definitely seen the light when it comes to understanding blackfish.
A Blue aint a Blue Unless It's a Bluefin    6/27/00
A Day Stolen from Winter    12/4/00
Since I had already racked my surf rods for the season, I didn’t hesitate to accept his invitation to accompany him on his next blackfish trip.
A Fly Fisherman’s Year    12/4/00
A poem...
A Gentleman’s     4/11/00
Our Saltwater Fly Fishing editor leaves the salt to take a look back at fly rods before the days of graphite. A split-bamboo rod is an instance in which nature is successfully improved.
A look At The Numbers    5/8/00
A closer look at the proposed saltwater fishing license for New York State.
A Night to Remember    7/2/01
When I’m old and gray and think about the highlights of my life, I’ll think of the day I got married, the day my children were born, and my first canyon trip on my new boat in 2001.
A Sense of the Surf — It’s Good to be Alive!    12/4/00
I am standing alone in hard rain and up to my stomach in dark water. My waders hug my body and thousands of fat raindrops splash, bounce, and cascade off my brimmed hat. There is no better place to be.
A Tale of Two Fish    9/26/01
In the troughs of the submerged sand waves would be stripers, taking shelter from the current as they watched for their next meals...
Advantages of a GPS/Chartplotter    4/11/00
Advantages of a GPS/Chartplotter
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