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The Year of the Bucktail    9/26/01
Bucktails have become a standard alternative to traditional fluke rigs for Nor’east Saltwater anglers, but that wasn’t always the case...
The Thump & Click of the Future    9/26/01
American have always had a love/hate relationship with monopolies that goes back to 1776 and the ultimate monopoly of all — The British Colonial Crown.
The Gleam of Metal    9/26/01
The Diamond jig has long been considered to be one of the most versatile lures available...
Stepping Out With the Fish    9/26/01
Whether you are searching for monster bass or angling for the Explorer’s Club, you gain by walking the beach.
Old Girl — Part III    9/26/01
Lenny Mitchko’s third installment on the life of a large, female, striped bass
Lures from Down Under    9/26/01
A few months back, I received some lures from a couple of Australian manufacturers, and I had a chance to try them in the waters around the southern side of Cape Cod.
Due North    9/26/01
Having a good compass means nothing without knowing how to use it...
A Tale of Two Fish    9/26/01
In the troughs of the submerged sand waves would be stripers, taking shelter from the current as they watched for their next meals...
A Night to Remember    7/2/01
When I’m old and gray and think about the highlights of my life, I’ll think of the day I got married, the day my children were born, and my first canyon trip on my new boat in 2001.
Shake-n’ Bake Sea Robin    5/22/01
Sea robins are the next fish ready to be converted from trash to table status, but there is a trick to filleting them.
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