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Saltwater Fishing NY CT RI Nor'east Saltwater Magazine - December 2013 issue

Rhode Island > Offshore > Island Current III January 31st
Nice Catch Read the full story

Improved fishing today, with around 45 Cod, Pollock, and a few Ling making over the rail for 6 rods. Weather ...
2 hours ago

Capt Scott reported a decent day of Codfishing for a light crowd of 11 anglers. There were 36 keeper cod ...
10 hours ago

Grind-job type fishing today after this last storm. Around 20 Cod & Pollock. Mark was high Hook with 4 nice ...

VikingFleet posted a report: Viking Local Cod
Local Cod Captain Dave reports an okay day of fishing today aboard the Viking Star. There were some dogs around today, ...

not sure,will get back to you.

whalers89 posted a report: Akumel Mexico
Happy New Year all. I'm headed to Mexico about 1 1/2 hours south of Cancun and want to bring my ...
3 days ago

how old are they
3 days ago

CptRonO posted a report: Capt. Ron Key West
After a miserable January, managed to get out the last 5 days in a row with awesome results. Averaged 100 ...
4 days ago

February 2nd ...Captain Scott had the Island current lll again and reported another blue bird day for begging of February. ...
4 days ago

The Miss Montauk sailed Tuesday on a picture perfect day, the only thing missing in this picture was full coolers. ...
4 days ago

Good fishing, and beautiful conditions today. Fished the deep, where the boys managed to fill the big cooler with market ...
5 days ago

VikingFleet posted a report: Viking Local Cod
Local Cod-Viking Star Captain Steven Sr. reports a very nice day of winter cod fishing. We caught fish from the first ...
5 days ago

PM sent.
5 days ago

Would you take $150 for both? If so please let me know.
5 days ago

Took a ride up to Massachusetts to fly fish the Swift River this past weekend and i got into a ...
6 days ago

Local Cod-Fivestar Sun Jan 31 Captain Steven Jr reports a good day of fishing with happy anglers! We are scheduled to sail ...
6 days ago

This past week has been a tough pick with very tight weather windows and strong current,We are Sailing This Friday,Saturday ...
6 days ago

jrfluke46 posted a report: Purerto Rico
Recently fished in Cabo Roco Puerto Rico. 30 miles south of Rincon. Lite tackle adventure specializes in bay fishing for ...
6 days ago

Jillybird posted a report: Hudson River
Well, it was a busy weekend for the Jillybird crew. First up on Saturday was the always excellent Canyon Runner ...
7 days ago

Ok today's trip was tough really slow with only 6 Cod, 5 pollock,2 blacks,a few bergalls.and a few mackerel, logonto ...
1 week ago


Offshore Oddity: Lucanus Lures
I’ll be the first to admit that before I read Bob’s feature on this great new fishing system, I didn’t know much about it at all. After you read this one, you will understand it completely and know why this relatively new jig system has proven itself over and over again in the world of offshore and inshore fishing. story


Just as it appeared we might see some breakout from ice on local ponds here comes another cold snap with temperatures shoved even further into the deep-freeze by strong winds boring down from the northwest. Like today, for example, where the thermometer reads a manageable 31 degrees but breezes blowing in from the Canadian high plains produce a wind-chill reading of 23
Oh, so many of you folks have asked for elaboration concerning the facts as they pertain to the contamination of the Peconic River and its bays. In sum and substance you had asked: "Tell me more about those articles you wrote, Bob
Comments received from readers referencing my January 4th report for Nor'east Saltwater, titled Really? really got me to thinking broadly outside the box. Some folks were totally nonplussed to learn that not only does the Riverhead Sewage Treatment Plant pollute the Peconic River by dumping raw sewage into her, but that the United States Navy had released toxic Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) two hundred (200) times New York State's allowable drinking water standard
The Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries just posted an extensive report on its expectations for 2016 recreational fluke, scup and black sea bass management. It is as follows: The recreational management of fluke (summer flounder), scup, and black sea bass is subject to a joint federal/interstate process that relies on annual harvest estimates to establish the following year's regulations
With a fresh 12 to 24 inches of snow and most of our waterways iced over, it's the perfect time to get ready for the upcoming fishing season. I don't know about you, but I'm already feeling a slight case of cabin fever so I've started checking off some of the chores on my offseason laundry list
Looking to cure cabin fever? The New York DEC will team up with Newsday Columnist and Associate Editor of On the Water Magazine, Outdoor Tom Schlichter, to guide participants in a free ice fishing seminar and clinic on Saturday, February 6 from Noon to 2 p.m
Old Man Winter gets us in his icy clutch and fishing activity takes a sharp decline. Sure, there's ice fishing – tip ups and rustic shacks built on sled runners – but for the most part there's just fewer folks out there in pursuit of our finned denizen
A couple weeks ago, I had high hopes to fish right through the winter months, but that's becoming increasingly difficult with each reinforcing shot of cold air. As I write this, the air temperature is in the mid 20s, the wind is blowing out of the northwest at 25 to 30 MPH, the lakes are freezing over and winter storm Jonas seems to have us in the crosshairs for the coming weekend
I've always been a big fan of the Guy Cotten line of foul weather gear. Their Astron Boots are made of tough PVC and are extremely comfortable, light and really keep your feet warm when the mercury drops
Why is it we as a culture seem compelled to anthropomorphize the creatures that we encounter along the way? I'm not talking about the Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and my own personal favorite, Senator Foghorn Leghorn. No, I mean the real life critters that turn up during our regular day-to-day activities

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At this point of the 2013 fluke season, do you feel that you have caught more keepers than the 2012 season?

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